Have I sufficiently soaked up each moment on its own and in sum?
All too aware. Haunted and distracted by the reality
That lasts only happen when something doesn’t.

That last night we were two before three; we were quiet.
Reciting our love and impatient for her to arrive,
Hoping that the long wait would last no more.

And did she ever arrive? She filled our lives with so much love!
The last monthly news bringing the too-familiar pain of loss
Fading in my memory with no regard, only scars.

And still, I knew our story would have lasts, of…

The blue moon lights the empty state highway in western Oklahoma this Halloween night. I’m convinced a record number of skunks met their end tonight, perhaps drawn to further explore the well-lit prairie. With tears only occasionally overflowing my bottom eyelid’s holding capacity, I contemplate the tribulations of the year so far. There’s nothing easy about nights like this; I just left my daughter with her mom — something that you’d think I’d be more used to some 6 months into this. I’m headed to my apartment alone, wondering still how things got so off track. Needing a distraction for…

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

A Story of My Growing Courage to Repair the World

I shook as the adrenaline pumped through my veins. The sound of the room was completely muffled. I turned on my microphone, clipped to my collar and snug around my ear.

Hello, I have something I’d like to do that is new for me.

After years of slowly building up courage, finding the right opportunity, and wondering if this was a move I’d somehow regret, I decided to do my first land acknowledgment last week to a group of about 60 educators from across Oklahoma. It was everything I had hoped for and more.

I’m a 7th* generation Oklahoman. On…

Last year Dan Meyer, Zak Champagne & Mike Flynn shared a powerful idea about how the traditional conference-going experience wasn’t fully optimized. They have been enacting and refining their thinking by launching ShadowCon, a sub-conference at the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting. Leveraging the momentum of the learning experience, they argued that the conference session should be treated as more of an appetizer than as the main course. This thinking represents a huge shift in thinking about major professional development conferences, and I believe it is an invaluable piece of the professional learning experience.

To dig into…

Teaching Mathematics Through the Absurd

Baiting the Hook with the Absurd

While commiserating with a colleague about the need for stretchy work pants on days when the ice cream truck stops by, we started chatting about whether or not there is a good math lesson to be discovered. Thinking on it a bit more, Tensile Strength is definitely an interesting topic and seems like it is ripe for creating a scenario that baits the hook quite nicely (a Dan Meyer-ism worth adopting)…especially when centered around stretchy pants and other elastics. But is it enough to engage students in a way that causes them to pursue an exploration that leads…

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