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  • Julia Argo

    Julia Argo

  • Dewey Hulsey

    Dewey Hulsey

  • Eli Luberoff

    Eli Luberoff

    Founder & CEO @desmos

  • Jermaine Oliver

    Jermaine Oliver

    Science. Technology. Mathematics. Web & Mobile Applications. Writing.

  • Barb Gilman

    Barb Gilman

    Catholic School Teacher, co-organizer of #CatholicEdChat Saturday 8am CT

  • Kari Maurer

    Kari Maurer

    I'm Kari: mom, wife, elementary teacher, instructional coach, NBCT, math nerd, reader who follows #rrmathrocks and #elemmathchat

  • Guy E. White (“Dr. Guy”)

    Guy E. White (“Dr. Guy”)

    Founder of The Dissertation Mentor® Accelerator Program, Author of “The Dissertation Warrior.” Call me Dr Guy.

  • Nicole Shobert

    Nicole Shobert

    Wife. Mother. Lover of Math. http://t.co/nODPJwerTF http://t.co/rxItuND0Ia

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